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About Me

I’m Christian, 22 years old freelance Graphic & Digital Designer, Illustrator and Web Designer & Developer with over hundreds of personal projects (with some professional projects) that made me improve my skills in designing, conceptualizing and developing digital products/graphic designs.

I’ve been designing since I first got a hold of Photoshop which started as a passion but has developed into a business and career. Originally born in Manila but moved with my family to Australia and have been living here ever since. My skills are entirely based on digital design, but it is separated into three different unique fields – Graphic Design, Illustration, and Web Design.

Digital & Graphic Design

Knowledge in using Adobe Creative Suite to create oustanding graphic visuals.


Creating superb illustrations according to your project needs.

Interface Design

Construct pixel perfect design for all interface screens.

User Experience

Taking user research, competitive analysis, wireframes, user flows, content maps very seriously for you.

Web Design

Create and develop mobile-friendly websites with superb designs.

Website Development

Creating effective websites that look awesome!

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